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FRP Ladders

FRP Ladders

Modal No: 1014

AQPC MODEL No:1014 “AQPC” FRP Extension Wall Rescinding Ladder out of Extruded,
Tested Quality FRP Section of size 84mm x30mm x4mm thick approx. with steps made of
25.4mm (1”) dia approx. Fluited ALUMINIUM Pipe at required distance of 12” (300MM) Span
Complete With Casted Aluminium housing containing M.S.Pulley, good quality. Sisal/Nylon rope,
self locking arrangements and fitted with rubber shoes at
both the ends, top and bottom to make the Ladder non-slippery and durable. The width of the Outer
Ladder is not less than 300mm .

FRP Folding Ladders

Modal No: 1003FRP

AQPC FRP Heavy duty standard folding made out of Extruded,FRP section of size:-

  • 80mm x 30mm x 4mm Thick approx.
  • 63 mm wide Steps boths side.
  • At a required distance of 300mm apart on both side and other supporting side having step made of 63mm approx.

aluminium fluited pipe at required distance of 300 mm apart complete with service men's platform at the top and rubber shoes at four legs bottom end to make the ladder non slippery and durable.

FRP Trolly Ladders

Modal No: 1004FRP

AQPC MODEL No: 1004 “AQPC” Hevay duty FRP trolly ladder made of M.S.Tube frame and with strong FRP 80mm x 30mm x 4mm and reiling both side wide steps of size 8”x24” {200x600} hold on Two parallel FRP “C” Ladder Sections on both side fitted with 2 swivelling and 2 fixed for easy carry, Step to Step Distance : 12” (300mm).